In Tennessee, consumers review a multitude of knives to determine which product meets their needs. Online suppliers offer a full inventory of knives that are ideal for tactical or everyday purposes. The products are great for law enforcement or civilians. Reviewing the specifications of the knives help consumers choose the best products now.

Custom Griptilian Scale Knives

The grip-tight kinves offer an intriguing style that weighs up to 3.2 ounces and light-weight. The handles are 14.6 mm in thickness and offer silver hardware. Select models offer versatility and allow you to change out the exterior pieces. The products come with lanyard holes for easier carrying, too.

Choosing from the Variety of Colors and Styles

The tactical knives come in a variety of styles including bengal tiger and a full array of colors. The designs are easy to hold and offer a superior gripping feature. It is also available in tiger striped and multiple colored scales making it a stylish product for law enforcement, soldiers, and hunters.

Selecting Blade Styles

The blades come in a variety of styles as well. The options include serrated and non-serrated edges. Select models are coated in black while others feature polished chrome. Most of the products in the series are constructed of steel and offer interchanging parts. The blades measure around 4 inches in length with a thickness of 0.144 of an inch. Speakpoints and drop point blades are also available to consumers who prefer the knife series.

Which Size is Right?

The automatic knives measure between five and eight inches when opened or closed. The mini models are a little shorter but offer all the same durability and long-lasting construction. The blades are guaranteed to never rust even after hours of exposure to water or damp conditions.

In Tennessee, consumers review a vast inventory of products when shopping for the perfect knife. The purpose of buying the knife defines which features are best. Automatic opening knives are great choices for self-defense and everyday use. The tools are great for cutting wires and rope. Online suppliers provide several brilliant choices. Consumers who want to learn more about Benchmade Griptilian contact an online supplier right now.