Many ladies who are hunkered down inside this winter are already thinking about revamping their spring wardrobes. When someone wants affordable designer clothing and jewelry that are genuine statement pieces, they can turn to the experts to help step into spring with style. Here are some of the hottest trends for the upcoming season. Some are actually reimagined classic pieces.

Classic Crisp White Shirt

In the 1940s, the crisp white shirt was made famous by Lauren Bacall. Today, it is experiencing a comeback in the form of a sleek and sexy off-the-shoulder shirt dress. The simplicity of this type top allows for a nice statement piece of jewelry.

Flamenco Dresses

The flamenco dress from the 1950s isn’t just for dancing. Today, the Spanish-inspired ruffles are out to play again in gorgeous, deep red hues. It was Sophia Loren who made this style of dress so well known back in the day. A nice-sized pair of earrings will compliment this style of dress.

Tie Dye

The 1960s may be long gone but the psychedelic tie-dye numbers have recently inspired more structured tie-dyed silhouettes. They are flashy, form-fitting, and flattering. A simple necklace with an initial or name on it is perfect with this look.

Puffy Sleeves

Many people can’t think about the 80s without picturing the puffy sleeves. Now, they have made a comeback in billowy graphic blouses and dresses. A strand of pearls or short beads ties this look together.

Slip Dresses

The slip dress is back in action in shimmery fabrics with edgy cutouts. Many may recall Kate Moss wearing the slip dress throughout the 1990s. This can be paired with a pair of drop earrings and offer a look for a night that will make heads turn.

Shift Dress

The shift dress silhouette was originally worn in the 20s by young women who were defying social norms. The classic dress was short and usually decorated with fringe or some type of embellishment. It was popular due to its comfort and because it was easy to dance in. A long strand of beads will finish the look.

When the time comes to put a spring wardrobe together, including accessories, be sure to visit There are collections for all tastes and styles. This allows a lady to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank when it comes to clothing and jewelry.