People with Down Syndrome but Have Succeeded in Life

There is a big number of the individuals living with Down syndrome, a state one finds them in after getting born with a chromosome in extra. People having Down syndrome suffer cognitive issues yet are capable of making it in life. This article has a list of the people who although having Down syndrome have made it in life hence of much help in disapproving stereotypes as you discover more.

Madeline Stuart is a model of Australia with Down syndrome responsible for causing changes in the modeling industry. When 20 years old, she had attained more compared to her age mates. Despite Madeline Stuart having this syndrome, she has walked in London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Madeline is credited for being the first supermodel in the world with Down syndrome. She started her career when a photo showing how much she had lost weight circulated on social media.

Jay Beatty achieved a reputation for being a Celtic FC superfan after being carried around the field by Georgios Samaras. He was alongside Samaras during his post-match interview. Jay became a soccer supporter that is well-known among soccer supporters. A range of social pages are dedicated to him and has as well been the subject of numerous songs.

Tommy Jessop is amongst the first actors that have syndrome to star in a BBC drama that many people watch. He acted together with Nicholas Hoult, an actor in the Hollywood. Besides acting in movies, Jessop is an actor of many theatre parts. He is as well the founder of Apple Theatre Company and has acted in some sophisticated roles.

Jamie Brewer is an actress who has Down syndrome. She is popular for the American Horror Story, a popular TV series. Jamie first starred in 2011 and is in the show to date. She is also the first model having Down syndrome that walked the New York Fashion Week.

Karen Gaffney is popular for her numerous achievements including being the first person having Down syndrome to get to the end of the English Channel relay. Also, she was the first person having Down syndrome to attain an honorary degree. Karen is the chairperson of the Karen Gaffney Foundation that helps those with Down syndrome as the page suggests.

Collette Divitto is the founder of Collette’s Cookies, a company that is based in Boston. Collette opened the business after failing to get a job for 2 years and it continues to thrive. The company has about 20 employees, a number that is expected to go up as Collette plans to grow it by purchasing more equipment and doing more marketing.